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The Go Karting Try outs
It was a fine day when Mainstay decided to run try outs for it’s corporate team. We were gearing up for the inter-corporate Go-karting championships. We had room for 5 on the team, but we had plenty of contenders. A turnout of over 30! We ran them through their paces. We then put them through a couple of gruelling laps. The best 5 made it to the corporate team. We now look forward to the commencement of the championship where we will be taking on the big honchos of the corporate go-karting world.

Here’s one of our dare devils!

Schumacher in training

That’s Keshav, who is aiming to be the team mascot.

Jennifer, Malcolm, Ashok, Nagaraj and Rakesh sharing a quiet moment away from the crowd…



Mainstay Internal Events

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Here is a glimpse at the schedule ahead:

  • Qualifying round- Aug 17th 2005 to Aug 31st 2005

  • Heat 1 - Sep 2nd 2005

  • Heat 2 - Sep 4th 2005

  • Semi Finals – Sep 4th 2005

  • Team: Endurance Race – Sep 4th 2005

  • Individual Finals – Sep 4th 2005

  • PODIUM - Sep 4th 2005



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