Technical Support

Mainstay offers round-the-clock technical support for OEM customers and computer hardware, software, peripherals and Internet infrastructure manufacturing companies. These include installation and product support, up & running support, troubleshooting and Usage support. Our services will help you to regain control over your user support and give you the freedom to focus your IT staff on their core competencies. Unlike many of today's top-ranked help desk outsource vendors, who use a one-size-fits-all approach, and have been inconsistent in reaching their contract goals, our relationship management guarantees a flexible contract and help desk service level management that exceeds today's best industry practices. 

The Technical Support industry divides support into three tiers (or levels) - Tier 1, 2 and 3. 

Tier 1 Support: Tier 1 provides basic Internet and hardware support to callers. 

Tier 2 Support: Tier 2 provides more complex support and/or subject matter expertise on Internet and hardware and is usually an escalation of the call from Tier 1. 

Tier 3 Support: Tier 3 provides support on complex hardware and network operating system software and usually involves certified systems engineers. Call lengths on Tier 3 vary widely depending upon the type of incident. 

Chat Support

By integrating high-quality, personal, LIVE customer support into your web site, you can finally create an online presence that will inspire confidence and loyalty from your customers.

Our professional and highly skilled Live Agents greet your visitors when they visit your website and provide them all the support required. Mainstay's Live Agents answer any queries they may have. In addition to this the agents also look for opportunities to up-sell / cross-sell any other related products. 

E-Mail Support

Mainstay's skilled and techically qualified agents keep a constant check of mails that are coming in from your customers and within a pre-defined time attend to these mails.

These set of agents are trained in the art of writing emails, the responses are detailed enough to have the complete resolution along with screenshots (if required). 

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