Mainstay Party 2012 11th Feb, 2012

Mainstay has a party every year around Jan and Feb to celebrate its annual achievements such as :

  • Best Employee of the year
  • Best Performer of the year
  • Award for tenturedship
  • and many more ...

Mainstay's Annual Party also consists of various competitions to bring out the Best in each process like : Group Dancing, Singing, Skits, Best Dress etc.


Community Dwt

Mainstay is actively involved in charity programs in India and Africa. In India Mainstay supports
http://www.cltindia.org  Childrens Lovecastles (CLT) an organisation dedicated to uplift government school children. CLT supports over 1000 children every year by providing education and mid day meal programs.

Mainstay has designed a unique program to support the charities wherein a part of the revenue goes directly in helping children.

Reaching Hand

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