Enhanced Growth

Mainstay's cross-sell and up-sell campaigns are designed to increase customer retention and customer relationship by promoting specific products to existing targeted customers. These campaigns can function independently of your planned marketing and sales initiatives or, for highest impact, can be fully integrated into your existing programs

Extending best customer retention is increasingly a focus for most organizations as acquisition challenges continue to become more difficult. Growth can be maximized by exploring possibilites of up-selling or cross-selling new products/services to the existing set of customers. Whilst providing Customer related services to your customers, Mainstay can identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Both methods of encouraging clients to spend a little more can dramatically boost growth.


Most businesses have the potential to increase sales simply by selling more to their existing customers. When you attempt to sell additional products and services to members of your business's current customer base, you are applying a growth technique known as the up-sell.

Your business may have products and services that can be sold in conjunction with other products and services. Whilst we answer inbound technical support / customer support queries, our trained agents identifies opportunities and up-sell complementary products and services. 


the strategy of selling other products to a customer who has already purchased (or signaled their intention to purchase) a product from the vendor. Cross-selling is designed to increase the customer's reliance on the company and decrease the likelihood of the customer switching to a competitor.

The agents at Mainstay adopt the practice of selling other products at the same time as the principal product purchased by the customer. These additional products will be components of the same system as the principal product. We treat the cross-selling process like a suggestion so customers will volunteer more information about their requirements. 

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