Training Process

Induction Training

From their first day all new employees are greeted with a well structured and formulated Training Course covering all aspects of the role they will undertake:

Voice Training

Indian professionals unconsciously permit their native accents to interfere with the process of communication and make personal interaction difficult. Our Voice training course helps them to iron out regional influences and use Accents and Phraseologies that are familiar to native British, and American speakers. Our techniques help them to identify important characteristics of an accent, to hear and feel how they differ from their habitual speech patterns, and to reproduce those qualities accurately and consistently.

The objective is not just clarity but a voice that can place a customer in a comfort zone.

Customer Care

Instead of generic approaches, we focus on intensive practical product specific training. As a result, our Advisors are able to optimize results in a minimal amount of time. 

Our Advisors learn the benefits of treating our Customers individually and pro-actively managing customer relationships.

Culture Training

Advisors are trained on the cultural sensitivities of our Clients to bridge any communication gaps that may exist. The training focuses on areas such as values, morals, ethics, etiquette and business practices with reference to the UK and the USA.

Sales Training

Where a campaign identifies a specific sale need we work with the customer to provide a tailor-made sales course focused on proven sales methodology.

Development Training

In order to ensure that all employees are developed to their full potential in line with customer requirements, we invest heavily in ongoing Training & Development:

Refresher Training

Working closely with our Quality Team we identify areas where employees need development training. These individually designed courses ensure the high standard at induction are maintained and developed throughout the agentís career.

Team Leader Training

All Team Leaders are given ongoing training to help develop their skill set in order to ensure maximum performance of the team. Courses include Team Building, Time Management, Motivation and Objective Setting amongst many others, and are held twice monthly.

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