Quality Process

Through extensive call scoring and quality measurement we are able to continually improve the service we offer our customers.

“By challenging each other to think and act smarter in fun ways, we make progress and our work more interesting.”

Learning from others

On a regular basis Advisors are brought together out of shift time and presented a typical customer issue to solve. One agent is selected to solve the issue and the number of steps taken to resolve the issue is recorded. The team collectively explores different questioning paths and techniques to reduce the number of steps to arrive at the solution. Best practice from these meetings is documented and trained into the wider group resulting in continual improvement in issue handling.

Role Plays

Advisors are presented with mock calls on an unusual issue (beyond those they deal with everyday) to test language and customer service skills. Advisors are encouraged to speak and help as much as possible on the call. Under guidance from customer service and language mentors this process helps Advisors improve their language and customer service skills, it also leads to improved flow of sentences and grammar. Advisors enjoy these sessions, which are conducted in a non-formal manner.

Identifying Sales

Before or after the shift, a call will be played to Advisors who will take notes of the call to identify the possible sales that could have been made on that call. Points made by the Advisors are discussed amongst the team allowing best sales practices to be shared. 

Call Scoring and Feedback

On a regular basis our Quality Analysts, Team Leaders and the Project Managers listen to live customer calls and score them against a set of parameters we agree with our customers for measuring quality and accuracy. Later the same call will be self assessed by the agent who took the call to help improve performance. If required, feedback, training, instructions are given to the agent by the respective Team Leader.

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