ISP Helpdesk

Our ISP Helpdesk support services range from dial-up to wireless, our representatives are skilled in all aspects of online services including installation, troubleshooting techniques, and software applications. 

Internet Support Cababilities:

Wireless Broadband 
Wi Fi 

Service Options:

Flexible support hours - from overflow to overnight & weekends to 24x7 
Multi-tier level support 
Customer service and sign-up 
Comprehensive reporting packages 
Remote silent monitoring 
System monitoring 

Communication Features: 

Telephone, email, live chat, Advanced call routing including menuing, distribution, and voice mail capabilities to facilitate quick problem resolution. Intranet guide assists our agents with step-by-step instructions & specific client information. 

Customer Relationship Management system allows representatives to document customer interactions and assist with problem resolution during future callbacks. Issues are categorized for clients to help identify problem areas. In addition, clients have web-based access to monitor trouble tickets and download reports at any time. 

Intranet Helpdesk knowledge base assists agents with specific client information and step-by-step instructions. 

Transparent Identity, where we answer the phone with your company name, ensures users do not know they are talking to a third party support provider. 

Reporting Packages:

Daily, weekly, and monthly performance reporting based on pre-established client metrics 
Monthly summary and statistical reports 
Customer Satisfaction Surveys 

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