Case Study Internet Service Provider - 3

Started in 1998, our client is now the fifth largest Internet Service Provider

The client is an Internet Service Provider established in 1998. They are one of the fastest growing ISP's in the UK now, with over a million registered subscribers. They are right now the fifth largest ISP in the UK. The client is a REAL ISP, meaning that they own their entire operating infrastructure and telecommunications company. They build and maintain their own systems; therefore they are able to plan the infrastructure well ahead of customer needs. Their technical capacity is designed to be at least 45% ahead of subscriber expectations.


  •  Registration Instructions/Help for new customers.

  • Using tools to troubleshoot/resolve customerís issues.

  • Technical Support is provided for connectivity related issues as well as e-mail and browsing.

  • We also excel in providing on-demand tech support, especially when virus related problems arise. 

Target Personnel

Home and Business Users


Mainstay initially started of with a 20-member team, well trained with their products and tools. We have expanded to around 30 members now. We started achieving the required SLAís / KPIís within 4 weeks of the project going live. Our current service levels touch 100% everyday. The client currently is talking about moving their broadband support to our Call Center.

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