Case Study Internet Service Provider - 2

The Client is the second largest Telecom service provider in the UK and one of the largest Cable Television and Internet service provider. As an ISP, the client currently provides its customers a variety of packages ranging from the very high-speed cable broadband to Dial up services over both BT and their own phone lines


The objective of the support is to provide Tier 1 technical support to its customers who have subscribed to this service. This includes support on voice lines as well as support through Email.

Target Personnel

Home customers with BT phone lines.


Mainstay started as a ten-seat project designed to take the overflow of calls from their other call Center, it has now grown to a 30-seat project and has become the only technical support center for their customers supporting a wide variety of connection issues as well as common operating systems (windows OS, Mac OS) issues. We have consistently been answering 98 % of the calls within the stipulated 20 seconds. The client has awarded us the email support program and on a pilot basis we are providing the Tier 2 support with an escalation team, which handles cancellations, which are sent to the cancellation department at their Center.

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