Case Study Internet Service Provider - 1

“An absolutely fantastic effort in helping us to achieve this….”

Simon Blackburn 
Head of Customer Service

Founded in June 1992, the client is the UK's most experienced Internet Service Provider.

During 2003 Mainstay was selected from several call centre suppliers to undertake a pilot to handle the Technical Support. The initial six-month project started with 15 agents and soon grew as quality and performance targets were exceeded. Within several months and under much scrutiny the team demonstrated their abilities, which led to more calls being transferred to the centre as confidence levels grew.

To ensure our client’s customers received a high quality service, a series of call scoring systems were developed and applied on a regular basis to test calls for compliance and quality. This system was adopted in the UK and is used to help identify training needs and continual improvement in both UK and Indian centres.

Mainstay’s innovative real-time monitoring systems were central in providing a window on the performance working of the Indian desk. The systems allow managers in the UK call centre the ability to listen into calls as they happen live five thousand miles away. 

Mainstay’s technical expertise made it possible to rapidly setup connections between both UK and India centres so all staff have access to the same customer data. Despite the distances both centres operate together as if they were on separate floors of the same building. 

The continued success of the project was recognized later in 2004 with our client winning the PC PRO award for best dial up ISP. The project successes continue. 

The Objective is to provide technical and Customer support services to Standard Dial Up and ADSL customers.

Started with 15 agents with only out of hour service we now have 60 agents, we have met every quality parameter defined by the client and also achieved over 95% service levels. The client has now migrated Broadband Customer Support and Technical Support to our Center.

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